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Agriframes: Nurturing Gardens, Sowing Seeds of Tradition and Wellness for Half a Century

Celebrating five decades of horticultural excellence, Agriframes has been a steadfast presence since 1970, shaping gardens worldwide with stylish, high-quality structures. As a beacon of tradition and innovation, Agriframes not only stands as a trusted brand but also as a curator of garden sanctuaries, embodying a philosophy rooted in heritage, sustainability, and the profound well-being derived from outdoor spaces.

For over 50 years, Agriframes has been at the forefront of crafting garden structures that transcend mere functionality. Established in 1970, the brand has become synonymous with timeless design, creating the backdrop for cherished outdoor spaces. With a legacy deeply rooted in family-run values, Agriframes has garnered unwavering loyalty from generations of customers.

Agriframes stands as a testament to trust, receiving regular accolades at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show and gracing RHS and National Trust gardens across the UK. The brand’s enduring reputation and heritage make it the preferred choice for garden designers globally. The beloved Agriframes stand at Chelsea has become a pilgrimage for enthusiasts who appreciate the enduring quality of the products.

As a family-run business for generations, Agriframes thrives on the loyalty of its customers and takes pride in being a stalwart contributor to the world of garden design.

Recognizing the profound benefits of being outdoors, Agriframes champions the physical and mental well-being derived from gardens. A proud partner of the National Garden Scheme, Agriframes donates 5% of proceeds from selected products to support the NGS’s contributions to nursing and health charities. The alignment with the NGS signifies a shared passion for promoting the therapeutic qualities of gardens

Rooted in the scenic landscapes of the South West of England, Agriframes draws inspiration from its surroundings, creating designs that echo the beauty of nature. From arches to pergolas, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering an invitation for gardens to become canvases of expression. The tubular construction ensures strength and stability without overshadowing the natural beauty of the plants they enhance.

Handcrafted in Agriframes’ own workshops, each structure undergoes a meticulous quality check before reaching its destination. The commitment to using the highest quality materials is evident, reinforced by the Agriframes 10-Year Guarantee, instilling confidence in customers. The skilled team, driven by tradition and innovation, continually refines and expands the product line, guided by customer feedback and collaboration with garden designers.

As both manufacturer and supplier, Agriframes takes a proactive stance on sustainability. Structures are designed for longevity, representing an investment that spans generations with minimal maintenance. The brand places a premium on sustainable sourcing, steering away from single-use plastics in packaging and products. Environmental consciousness permeates every aspect of the business, from material selection to manufacturing processes.

Expert advice guides Agriframes in making eco-conscious decisions, addressing sourcing, transportation, and packaging practices. The brand actively promotes positive recycling behaviors among customers, aiming for a more sustainable future.

Agriframes prides itself on an exceptional service experience, managed by a small, friendly team based in Bristol. The team is readily available to address queries and ensure a seamless customer journey, fostering a genuine connection with those who share the passion for creating beautiful gardens.

As Agriframes marks 50 years of crafting timeless garden structures, the brand remains committed to curating outdoor spaces that transcend aesthetics. With a foundation built on trust, heritage, and sustainability, Agriframes invites you to be part of the next 50 years of beautiful gardens. This is not merely a journey through products; it’s an exploration of enduring traditions, eco-conscious choices, and the ever-evolving canvas of your garden. Agriframes looks forward to sharing the next half-century of horticultural excellence with you—a celebration of gardens, creativity, and well-being.

Last modified: December 16, 2023